Michael Freeman’s Photo School. Exposure

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Leave the Auto mode in the dust and take complete creative control of your images with this comprehensive guide to photography’s most fundamental principles. Michael Freeman brings his years of experience to the table, teaching you all the professional techniques so you can nail the optimal exposure in-camera at the moment of capture, every time. Learn the particular nuances of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, understand the specific ways in which they interact within each exposure, and master their usage to quickly and efficiently achieve your creative vision, regardless of the lighting conditions or subject characteristics. Get under the hood of your camera with an in-depth look at how each of its metering modes works, so you can know exactly how to find the best options and settings for each scene. Then review some of the most challenging exposure scenarios from a bride against a shadowed background to the neon lights of city streets all explained with reliable methods and established techniques for delivering stunning results.


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